Promoting the benefits of wetlands

Wetlands provide many benefits to Wisconsin communities. Check out the videos below to hear about some of these benefits and about some of the people and communities caring for wetlands in Wisconsin.

We hope these videos will inspire you to speak up for wetlands and we encourage you to use the videos when you are talking with others about wetlands. All of the videos can be downloaded for your use in any wetland-related outreach you may do, whether you’re working as part of a group or meeting with your elected officials and community leaders. All of the videos have available closed captioning in both English and Spanish.

About wetlands

Wetlands: Vital Solutions

This light-hearted documentary-style video features wetland conservation professionals explaining what wetlands are, why they matter, and how you can help protect them.

How Wetlands Manage Water

This white-board “explainer” video uses simple illustrations and language to outline how wetlands manage water and support watershed health.

Landowners care for wetlands

Partnering for Wetlands

Learn how Wisconsin Wetlands Association and NRCS each help landowners care for and restore their land and how, working together, they can help more landowners across Wisconsin.

Wetlands: A Home for Wildlife

Craig and Nichol Swenson partnered with NRCS to restore marginal fields on their land to wetlands. Today, they relish enjoying the wildlife their wetland attracts.

Wetlands Create Family Memories

“When we first initially started this project, the goal was re-establishing habitat for the deer population, wild turkeys. But what we found out is that it’s a lot bigger than that.”

Wetlands Help the Bottom Line

Wisconsin farmer Kyle Skalitzky’s lowlands were often too wet for farming. Working with NRCS, Kyle has restored his marginal farmland back to wetlands, helping his farm remain profitable during wet seasons.

Landowners Care for Wetlands

Private landowners own 75% of Wisconsin’s remaining wetlands. Hear one couple’s story of what their wetlands mean to them and how these wetlands contribute to community health.

Farmers Care for Wetlands

Nick and Dianne Somers are potato and vegetable growers near Stevens Point. Hear why protecting wetlands is important to them and helps their community at the same time.

Communities care for wetlands

Communities Care for Wetlands: Stone Lake

Citizens in the small town of Stone Lake in Washburn County came together to protect wetlands for the health of their lake, and, at the same time, created a treasured community resource.

Communities Care for Wetlands: La Crosse

The La Crosse River Marsh is right in the middle of the city. It not only reduces flooding, cleans water, and provides wildlife habitat, it also bolsters the city’s economy and quality of life.