Make a Recurring Gift

Wetland Gems® are dedicated supporters who give every month to Wisconsin Wetlands Association through automated recurring gifts, spreading their support over the entire year to sustain our work together. By becoming a Wetland Gem®, you assure a sustainable, reliable source of funding for our work. Your recurring monthly gift allows us to spend more time protecting wetlands and less time managing membership paperwork.

Simply choose the amount of your recurring gift and the date when you wish your monthly gift to start. You can choose to charge your monthly gifts to your credit card or to use a direct debit (electronic funds transfer) from a bank account. (While you may also opt to set up an annually recurring gift, gifts must be made monthly for you to be considered a Wetland Gem®.) 

As a Wetland Gem®, your membership also renews automatically each year, ensuring that you’ll never miss an issue of the Wisconsin Wetlands newsletter or any other important events or updates.

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