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As a landowner with wetlands on your property, you have an opportunity to care for your land and water, the surrounding landscape, and wildlife, all by caring for your wetland. But sometimes wetland care isn’t so straightforward. How can you best learn about and care for your wetland?

We’re here to help. Follow the links below for information that will help you learn about your wetland and how to care for it, and that will connect you with resources that can help you achieve your goals.

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Learn about your wetland

Your experience as a landowner gives you first-hand knowledge of your land and water, including wetlands. Because wetlands are diverse, there’s no one way to care for a wetland. We’ve outlined three steps you can take to get to know whether you have a wetland, what type of wetland you have, and how you can keep it healthy.

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Care for your wetland

As a landowner, you want to keep your land and water healthy. But how can you care for your wetlands? We’ve outlined four steps you can take to help you determine the care it needs.

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A handbook for landowners

Want have all the wetland care information you need in one handy publication? We have just the thing. Our easy to read wetland landowner handbook helps you understand what wetlands are, why they are important, and how you can care for them. It also helps you learn:

  • What type of wetland you have
  • How to tell if your wetland is healthy
  • Actions you can take to improve your wetland
  • Where to find financial and technical help for a wetland project
  • And more!
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Whatever your question or concern, we can help you get connected to information and people who can help you care for your wetland. Find resources to help you learn about, care for, and protect your wetland.

Updates for landowners like you

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