Wetlands help the bottom line

“You’ve got to look at the big picture, and the way the weather’s been the last two years, it was a pretty smart move.”

Wisconsin farmer Kyle Skalitzky’s lowlands were often too wet for farming. Working with NRCS, Kyle has restored his marginal farmland back to wetlands, helping his farm remain profitable during wet seasons and also provide habitat for wildlife, clean area waters, and manage flooding.

75% of Wisconsin’s remaining wetlands are in private ownership, giving landowners a vital role in caring for wetlands. Private landowners also own most of the land that used to be wetland and could be restored. As much as 85% of Wisconsin’s potentially restorable wetland acreage is in private ownership. If you are a landowner who owns wetlands or land you think might be wetlands, Wisconsin Wetlands Association and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation can help you care for and restore your land.

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Special thanks to Kyle Skalitzky for sharing his story in this video and for all he does for wetlands.

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