Learn about the starhead topminnow’s importance in Wisconsin’s high quality vegetated backwater habitats. Young ichthyologist Madeline Cleveland will share her knowledge of this state endangered species’ natural history, the threats it faces, and conservation efforts being made to preserve it. A rare yet ecologically important wetland resident of the central United States, the starhead topminnow (Fundulus dispar) is a true gem. To understand how various anthropogenic problems affect it is a vital step toward repairing the damage done to this indicator species and the waterways it relies on.

Madeline Cleveland is an eager explorer and enthusiastic ichthyologist.

Recorded July 28, 2023

Madeline Cleveland is an eager explorer and enthusiastic ichthyologist. Fishes of slough and backwater habitats have always captured her curiosity with their unparalleled diversity. The starhead topminnow is a beautiful example of specialization among such species, and Madeline is very excited to share her knowledge of this fish.

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