The Mississippi, Wisconsin, Wolf, and other large rivers in Wisconsin have extensive floodplain wetlands that support a diverse fish fauna. Some species are important gamefish, but most are little-known yet vitally important to a healthy ecosystem. Join John Lyons, Curator of Fishes, UW Zoological Museum, as he reviews these large river wetlands and their fishes and discusses conservation concerns and opportunities.

John Lyons, University of Wisconsin Zoological Museum

Recorded December 9, 2022.

John Lyons is the Curator of Fishes at the University of Wisconsin Zoological Museum in Madison, where he also teaches a class on fish ecology. From 1985 until his retirement in 2017, he was a fisheries research scientist and ultimately supervisor for the Wisconsin DNR, working statewide on fisheries management and fish conservation issues. He is interested in all things related to fishes and their habitats including scientific research, conservation, sport fishing, canoeing and boating, underwater observation, fish keeping in aquaria, and cooking and eating fish.