Have you seen the Wisconsin Wetlands Association’s “explainer” video, How Wetlands Manage Water? Want to learn more? This presentation will add to your knowledge of wetland hydrology using real-world examples to demonstrate how wetlands are tied to water resources problems—and solutions. Steve will discuss the functions wetlands provide in different parts of the landscape, how to assess wetland hydrologic health, and the role of groundwater. He’ll also touch on the impacts of human alterations on wetlands and our communities and how wetlands fit into a watershed approach to solutions.

Steve Gaffield, Montgomery Associates

Recorded July 31, 2020.

Steve Gaffield grew up playing in Michigan’s ponds and wetlands, inspiring a love of the outdoors and curiosity about water. Steve is a graduate of the UW-Madison geoscience and geological engineering programs. He has worked to solve water management problems in Wisconsin for 28 years as a researcher and engineering consultant.