Wetlands provide habitat for a variety of wildlife species as well as important ecosystem services. Learn from Tally Hamilton and Gretchen Skudlarczyk—wetland experts with years of experience working with private landowners—about some of the practices and programs available to restore and enhance wetlands on private lands.

Tally Hamilton, Ducks Unlimited, and Gretchen Skudlarczyk, Pheasants Forever

Recorded November 17, 2023

Tally Hamilton has been with Ducks Unlimited for two years, starting as the Wetland Habitat Coordinator/Private Lands Biologist for Wisconsin and recently promoted to Regional Biologist. She has more than 10 years of experience working on wetlands and grasslands on private and public lands including past positions with Pheasants Forever and USFWS.

Gretchen Skudlarczyk has been with Pheasants Forever for 8 years, the last 3 years as the Wetland Easement Team Specialist. Her role is to accelerate delivery of technical and programmatic assistance for wildlife habitat and USDA’s Wetland Reserve Easement program.

Download the Wetland Conservation Practices for Landowners Resources PDF.

A photo of presenter greg burns and a photo of a salamander.

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