Landowners Penny and Gary Shackelford, whose property is in Rock County, WI, will present a brief history of their property and the evolution of their mission as landowners and land managers. They’ll recount how they gradually made the transition from blissful ignorance to overwhelming confusion to a new life of active restoration. They’ll try to answer the questions: How to get advice? How to get help? How to get the money? How to keep enjoying it all?
Penny and Gary Shackelford, wetland landowners

Recorded April 29, 2022.

Gary and Penny Shackelford met and married in medical school at Washington University in St. Louis. A physiology professor got them interested in bird watching and soon they were learning about prairie restoration at the Missouri Botanical Garden. They retired 20 years ago and became full-time land managers of their 380-acre property in Rock County, WI, 190 acres of which are wetlands.