The Stream Functions Pyramid: A framework for effective watershed restoration

Protecting and restoring streams requires thinking outside of the stream’s channel and banks. Join Paxton Ramsdell as he describes the five hierarchical functions of streams—hydrology, hydraulics, geomorphology, physicochemical, and biology—and describes the importance of accounting for each of these functions when protecting or restoring streams and watersheds. Whether your goal is to reduce erosion, improve water quality, or protect a sensitive population of fish, the Stream Functions Pyramid framework is a proven approach for meeting your stream and watershed health goals.
Paxton Ramsdell, Ecosystem Planning & Restoration

Recorded June 3, 2022.

Paxton Ramsdell is a natural resource professional with experience in state and federal policy, corporate sustainability, and landowner incentive programs. At Ecosystem Planning and Restoration (EPR), Paxton works with clients to regionalize the Stream Quantification Tool and Debit Calculator and contributes to stream restoration projects. Paxton has a Bachelor’s Degree in Government from Hamilton College and a Master’s of Science in Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation from Virginia Tech.

Finding the right projects and practices to implement watershed-based hydrologic restoration

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