Watershed-based hydrologic restoration is one of the most effective and important ways to address water management concerns in Wisconsin, however its practice is not yet widespread in our state.

WWA wants to change that. If, as a community, we can do work that addresses degraded hydrology—the root cause of most of our water challenges—we will be more successful in responding to our water management challenges in Wisconsin. To achieve this goal of making watershed-based hydrologic restoration the status quo in our state, our whole community—the individuals, agencies, companies, and organizations working for wetlands—needs to have a shared understanding of basic hydrologic principles and hydrologic restoration approaches and techniques. Only then can we apply these principles in our statewide policies and programs and in our on-the-ground conservation work.

To help build this shared understanding, Wisconsin Wetlands Association has written a four-post blog series on the topic of watershed-based hydrologic restoration, addressing the following questions and more:

Check out other posts in this blog in which we report on work we and our partners are doing that advances watershed-based hydrologic restoration in policy, outreach, and on-the-ground projects. We welcome your feedback and ideas for other ways you think hydrologic restoration can be advanced across our landscapes.

This blog post series first ran in WWA’s quarterly member newsletters in 2020. If you are not a member of WWA and would like to receive our newsletters, become a member when you donate to WWA here.

Photo by Driftless Dream Studio.

Blog posts in this special series

A ditch runs along the side of the road, draining the nearby wetland and altering the historic hydrology of the site.

Changes to our land, challenges for our waters

How have past actions contributed to today’s water challenges?

Fixing the water: Community-led watershed-based hydrologic restoration in Wisconsin

How can we can reverse the damages caused by wetland loss? Some of this important work is already happening.