Wisconsin Wetlands Association’s legislative proposal recommending funding for flood risk reduction demonstration projects has moved one step closer to enactment.
The proposal, which circulated for co-sponsors as LRB 1750 a few weeks ago, has been officially introduced in the Senate as SB 252 and scheduled for a hearing before the Committee on Natural Resources and Energy.
The hearing is this Wednesday, June 12, at 11:00 am in Room 201 Southeast. 
Wisconsin Wetlands Association (WWA) will appear at the hearing to provide background on our recommendation for the proposed demonstration projects and to speak to how reestablishing wetland and floodplain storage can help reduce flooding, protect public infrastructure, and improve watershed health.
Thank you to all of you who called and asked your legislators to sponsor this bill or thanked them for adding their names. If you haven’t yet reached out to your policy makers, it’s not too late to express your support and to ask for theirs when the bill reaches the floor. Find contact information for your legislators
WWA will continue to track the progress of SB 252/LRB1750 closely and will post updates and/or request(s) for action as needed to help ensure it moves to the Senate and Assembly floors for a vote by the full legislature.

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