Wetland restoration gives us opportunities to respond to climate change impacts and, at the same time, becomes more difficult within a chaotic climate both current and unfolding. How can we navigate these dilemmas? What are our goals for success in a damaged landscape, and should we change our metrics for defining success? Learn about the collaborative work Alice Thompson and partners do on the North Branch of the Pike River in Mount Pleasant (Racine County), WI, which provides numerous opportunities to consider these issues. If you missed Alice giving it at the 2021 Wetland Science Conference last February, be sure to tune in this time!

Alice Thompson, Thompson & Associates Wetland Services

Recorded November 4, 2022.

Alice Thompson is a Senior Wetland Professional Scientist and owner of Thompson & Associates Wetland Services. She consults on regional wetland issues. As she witnesses climate change impacts on our Wisconsin natural landscapes, and as a grandmother of five youths, she feels an urgency to address what kind of world we are handing off to the next generation.