To help communities find cost-effective solutions to their flooding and infrastructure problems, the Wisconsin Wetlands Association (WWA) is aiming to promote and demonstrate the concept of Natural Flood Management (NFM) in the Lake Superior Basin. NFM is a watershed-based approach for implementing ‘slow the flow’ practices that incorporate natural river and landscape processes to store water and limit the erosive energy of runoff. In this presentation, Kyle will highlight the work of the interdisciplinary partnership WWA has convened to study the impacts of erosion-induced wetland drainage. He’ll also describe how the partnership is identifying opportunities to reconnect floodplains and restore hydrology in headwater wetlands and streams to build climate-resilient natural infrastructure.

Kyle Magyera, Wisconsin Wetlands Association

Recorded May 15, 2020.

Kyle Magyera coordinates Wisconsin Wetlands Association’s Local Government Outreach Program and provides technical assistance to professional staff, local officials, citizens, and other groups with an interest in or questions and concerns regarding wetland protection, restoration, and management. He has a double Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning and Water Resources Management from UW-Madison and more than ten years of experience working on wetland conservation and water policy issues with WWA and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.