At the mouths of the Kakagon and Bad Rivers along Lake Superior in Ashland County lie some of the most extensive and highest-quality coastal wetlands in the Great Lakes. Recognized as a Wetland Gem®, a National Park Service National Natural Landmark, and a Wetland of International Importance, the Kakagon/Bad River Sloughs comprises more than 16,000 acres of dynamic and diverse wetland habitats that support many species of rare plants and animals. Join Naomi Tillison, Director of the Bad River Band’s Mashkiiziibii Natural Resources Department, to hear about this extraordinary wetland complex and what makes it so special.

Naomi Tillison, Bad River Band’s Natural Resources Department

Recorded December 4, 2020.

Naomi Tillison has been working in the Bad River Band’s Natural Resources Department for 13 years, where she oversaw the Water Resources Program for 9 years.  She is currently the Department’s Director and is only the second director of the Department, which recently celebrated its 35th anniversary. Naomi graduated from Michigan Technological University with her Master of Science in Environmental Engineering with a Certificate of Sustainability.  She has lived the majority of her life within the Lake Superior basin and enjoys spending time outdoors.

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