Join conservation biologist Rori Paloski to learn about the current population status of Wisconsin’s endangered and threatened herptiles most frequently associated with wetlands: Blanchard’s cricket frog, queensnake, eastern massasauga rattlesnake, western ribbonsnake, eastern ribbonsnake, and wood turtle. We will focus on Wisconsin’s wetland herps and their status in the state, looking at each species individually and covering their basic biology, population status, and current conservation efforts.

Rori Paloski, WDNR

Recorded April 23, 2021.

Rori Paloski is a conservation biologist with WDNR. She specializes in herpetology and endangered resources regulation. Current work includes surveying for eastern massasauga rattlesnakes, cricket frogs, and ornate box turtles; coordinating amphibian citizen-based monitoring projects; and conducting biotic inventory herptile surveys on state properties.