Amphibians and reptiles represent an essential component of Wisconsin’s wildlife. Eighteen species of amphibian and thirty-six species of reptile occupy landscapes across the state. These species are vital members of their biological communities, acting as important predators, prey, and competitors, while also providing a wide variety of additional ecological functions. Dr. Joshua Kapfer is co-author of the recently-published volume “Amphibian and Reptiles of Wisconsin,” assembled by an expert team of editors and contributors. This book consolidates the current state of scientific knowledge and aims to expand public knowledge and appreciation of Wisconsin’s natural legacy. Learn more about the information in this new book and hear stories about some of the amphibians and reptiles it describes.

Joshua Kapfer, UW-Whitewater

Joshua Kapfer is a Certified Wildlife Biologist and Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. His research interests include vertebrate ecology and conservation, wildlife habitat selection, spatial ecology, population biology, and behavioral ecology. He received Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in biology from UW-LaCrosse and a Ph.D. in ecology and evolution from UW-Milwaukee.

For more information on the book, “Amphibians and Reptiles of Wisconsin,” visit the UW Press website.