We’re one vote away from passage of the most damaging wetlands bill to come around in decades. Last night, AB 547 passed in the Assembly 58-39 on a mostly party-line vote with only four Republicans voting against it. Its companion bill in the Senate (SB 600 as amended) is scheduled for a floor vote this Tuesday.

The odds are against us but our Senators need to know how we feel about SB 600. It is time right now for all of us to contact our Senators. Our message is simple: this bill will harm wetland resources and undermines community-based efforts to preserve habitat, reduce flooding, and maintain clean water.

Click here for information on what the bill actually does.

We know that this is a hard vote for many of our Senators and that they are uncomfortable placing their vote for such a destructive bill. So let’s turn up the discomfort level and make sure they fully appreciate that Wisconsin voters do not support this attack on our wetlands. Even if you’ve already contacted your Senator, we need you to contact them again.

We urge you to find your Senator in the Legislature and do the following:

  1. If your Senator is likely to vote in favor of SB 600, express your outrage in their lack of commitment to protecting Wisconsin’s wetlands. Remind your Senator that SB 600 will harm wetlands and put people, property, waters, and public infrastructure at risk.
  2. If your Senator is likely to vote against this harmful bill, thank him or her for their commitment to protecting Wisconsin’s wetlands.

As always, please help us spread the word.  Let us know how your Senator responds, and thank you for speaking up for wetlands.

For more information on SB 600, or Wisconsin Wetland Association’s efforts, please contact me, Brian Vigue, Policy Liaison at brian.vigue@wisconsinwetlands.org or by calling 608-250-9971.

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