Using Video to Promote Wetlands in Your Community

Whether you’re a natural resource manager, educator, land use planner, or concerned citizen, Wisconsin Wetlands Association’s wetland videos and their companion products are available to help you promote wetlands and how they can be solutions to local water problems. Use them to help start and enrich conversations and programs that will improve the health of Wisconsin communities and natural resources.

Ways you use these wetland videos:

  • Incorporate into your presentations or programs
  • Use in your workshops or courses
  • Show in your visitors center
  • Show as part of your display at public events
  • Share at conferences
  • Post to your social media account(s)
  • Use in meetings with landowners, elected officials, or community decision-makers when you’re talking with them about wetlands and watersheds
  • Ask your local access cable channel to air the videos
  • Share with science teachers in your community

If you have other ways you plan to use the videos, share those ideas with us by emailing


Where can I find the videos online for download?

All of our videos are available for download here.

To download a video, click on the link above and then click on the title of the video you’re looking for so it opens on its own page. You should see a download button below the video. We recommend downloading the 1080p HD version of the videos. Please contact if you have challenges with downloading. Please be aware that these are large files and may take a bit to download.


What’s the best way for me to include the videos in my presentations?

You can stream the videos if you have a reliable internet connection. You can also download the videos and insert them into your presentation or play the video file from your computer. Here’s a helpful article from Microsoft Office on how to include videos in your presentations.