Take the Next Step

Interested in learning more and taking the next steps to protect and care for wetlands? Below are some suggestions of actions you might take whether you are a wetland landowner, a community group, or a wetland enthusiast wanting to make a difference for wetlands.

Wetland landowners

Community groups & wetland enthusiasts

  • Share our wetland videos with friends and family
  • Share our wetland videos with your local elected officials and decision-makers such as conservation committees, park boards, plan commissions
  • Share our wetland videos with civic groups in their community (e.g., Rotary clubs)
  • Promote and use our wetland videos at community meetings, events, etc.
  • Get your local access cable channel to run the videos
  • Start a conversation with your local officials about how wetlands can help provide solutions to flooding and water quality issues
  • Subscribe to WWA’s Wetland News email
  • Support groups and organizations working for wetlands, including WWA