Wisconsin’s wetlands urgently need your help.

Wetland bill hearing is Dec. 21st!


Earlier this fall, we alerted you and other wetland supporters about a proposal that would enable developers to fill “isolated,” non-federal wetlands without a permit. This proposal, now two bills in the legislature, SB 600 and AB 547, will put over one million acres of Wisconsin’s wetlands at risk.


These bills have been scheduled for a joint public hearing and we need your voice there.

Thursday, December 21st, 2017
11:00 am
Room 411 South, at the Capitol 

We need you, as a wetland supporter, to share your wetland expertise with legislators at this hearing. Your participation is critical. We urge you to:


1. Call your state Senator and Representative and ask them to NOT co-sponsor, or support, SB 600 and AB 547. Share their response with us. Find your legislator and their contact details.

2. Attend the public hearing on Thursday, December 21st, 2017 in Madison and register to testify in opposition to SB 600 and AB 547. We need you to come to the hearing and let them know that Wisconsin’s “isolated” wetlands need protection. These bills overreach by removing protection from more than one million acres of wetlands to address problems that involve a fraction of that acreage (read more about “isolated,” non-federal wetlands). In addition, consider scheduling an appointment that day to visit the office of your Senator and Representative to express your opposition.

3. Spread the word! Forward this alert to hunters, anglers, conservation leaders, land trusts, farmers, business colleagues, neighbors, and other people in your community who care about Wisconsin’s wetlands and waters.

These bills have generated widespread opposition among the conservation community, including many hunting and fishing groups, who have expressed their concern to the Legislature (read their letter).


Read the analysis of and language in these bills for all the details. (SB 600/AB547 are identical.) Please call your legislators, join us at the Capitol on December 21st to share your wetland knowledge with these committees, and spread the word to others who care about wetlands.

A large turnout at the hearing will show legislators that the people of Wisconsin insist on strong wetland protection. This hearing is critical. Protecting our state’s wetlands depends on you!

WWA supports and is working towards a wetland permitting system with a better process that solves problems, including artificial wetland issues. But these bills go way beyond these worthy goals.

For more information on the hearing, the bills, or WWA’s efforts, please contact:

Brian Vigue, Policy Liaison
Photos by Monika Blazs, Kate Redmond, Tracy Hames, and Jennifer Webster

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