During the fall of 2020, Hawthorn Hollow Nature Sanctuary & Arboretum restored about two acres of wetland and installed other stormwater management measures over roughly six acres. The goal of this restoration was to reduce storm and meltwater flows to an extremely eroded ravine that flows to the South Branch of the Pike River in Kenosha County. This presentation will describe why we did the project and the management issues we are currently confronting with the restoration. Management issues include impacts of the exceptional drought experienced by Kenosha County the first season after the restoration and invasive plant species brought in by equipment used for the restoration.

Lori Artiomow, Hawthorn Hollow Nature Sanctuary & Arboretum

Recorded January 27, 2023​.

Lori Artiomow has worked at Hawthorn Hollow for 12 years restoring and managing prairies, woodlands, and wetlands. Prior to that, she worked as a consultant developing land management plans for municipalities and land trusts. She received her MS from UW-Milwaukee in the Biological Sciences in 2002.