Wetland conservation, management, and research in Wisconsin are predicated on an understanding of the different types of wetlands that occur in the state. While many experienced practitioners have a strong working knowledge of wetland communities, others who are newer to the field may be less familiar with them. Watch WDNR ecologist Ryan O’Connor in the video below for a brief introduction to the wetland natural communities of Wisconsin, including key ecological and vegetative characteristics of each community, information about each community’s distribution in the state, tips for how to know what type of wetland you are in, and suggestions of helpful resources for deeper learning. Ryan will also discuss some of the different classification systems used by professionals in our region.

Ryan O’Connor, WDNR

Recorded April 24, 2020.

Ryan O’Connor is an ecologist with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. He coordinates and conducts surveys of natural communities for WDNR’s Natural Heritage Conservation program. His professional interests include providing land managers with high-quality data to make better decisions, developing adaptation resources, and hunting for rare and invasive plants.