WDNR Fish Biologist Tammie Paoli will provide an overview of the unique life history of northern pike along Green Bay’s west shore. Pike are a self-sustaining, native top predator in Green Bay that provide recreational fishing opportunities. Learn about challenges to pike populations such as wetland habitat loss, invasive species including Phragmites, and land-use practices that may impact pike spawning habitat.
Tammie Paoli, WDNR Fish Biologist

Recorded September 9, 2022.

Tammie Paoli has been a fisheries biologist with WDNR for 15 years out of the Peshtigo DNR office. Her primary area of responsibility is Green Bay and the west shore tributaries where her species of focus is yellow perch, northern pike, and brown trout. She also covers the southern half of inland Oconto county including the prized trout fishery of the South Branch Oconto River.

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