This presentation is part two of a two-part series and will introduce you to the three families of damselflies and six families of dragonflies found in Wisconsin. It will help you start to learn how to identify members of the order Odonata that are found in our state. Odonate expert Dan Jackson will review members of each family and talk about the key characteristics that can be used to determine the family of a dragonfly or damselfly that you find.

Dan Jackson, Wisconsin Dragonfly Society

Recorded March 8, 2024

Dan Jackson is the current Treasurer and past President of the Wisconsin Dragonfly Society and is also a record reviewer for the Wisconsin Odonata Survey, Odonata Central (the Odonata survey of the Dragonfly Society of the Americas), and He has participated in many volunteer research activities and citizen science projects including the Wisconsin Odonata Survey, the Minnesota Odonata Survey, the Dragonfly Society of the Americas Dragonfly Survey, the Wisconsin Butterfly Survey, the Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas (I & II), USGS Breeding Bird Survey, Wisconsin Owl Survey, Wisconsin Nightjar Survey, Kirtland’s Warbler surveys, Christmas Bird Counts, the Wisconsin Frog Survey, the Wisconsin Bumble Bee Brigade, and more. He has also led hundreds of field trips in search of birds and Odonata and regularly does presentations on dragonflies, butterflies, birds, and nature photography.

A photo of presenter greg burns and a photo of a salamander.

Wetland Coffee Break: Introduction to the damsels and dragons of Wisconsin (Part 1)

This session, part one of a two-part series, will focus on their anatomy and life cycle.