Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge (Walworth County, WI and McHenry County, IL) was first established by the USFWS in 2012. The Refuge boundary employs a “Cores and Corridors” concept for wildlife preservation with a focus on migratory and grassland birds. Vince Mosca and Paul Bruett will discuss the establishment of this Urban National Wildlife Refuge and its goals and will share progress made in land acquisition over the last 10 years. Finally, they’ll talk about the Refuge’s role in regional climate change resiliency and biodiversity management.
Vince Mosca, Hey & Associates, and Paul Bruett, McHenry County Conservation District

Recorded March 4, 2022.

Vince Mosca has been a professional ecologist in the Upper Midwest for over 32 years and is Wisconsin-educated at Northland College and UW-Green Bay.

Paul Bruett has more than 20 years of experience in ecological restoration and fisheries and attended UW-Madison and Whitewater.

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