Join butterfly expert Mike Reese to learn about several Wisconsin wetland habitats and the butterflies that you could expect to find there. Mike will show photos of the different species of butterflies, discuss the habitats where they could be found, and talk about the butterfly hostplants that they use.

Mike Reese 

Recorded October 15, 2021

Mike Reese has been watching and taking photos of Wisconsin butterflies since 1986. Since 2003, he has maintained the website and has been involved with the North American Butterfly Association as the moderator of their “Recent Sightings” website. Mike is a retired high school math teacher and library media specialist and gets to spend much of his time in Wisconsin wild areas learning about the insects and other organisms that are found there.

6 small photos of 6 different butterflies.

A wetland kaleidoscope: Six butterflies you can find in Wisconsin’s wetlands

Wisconsin is home to about 124 species of butterflies, and more than a quarter of them rely on wetlands.