Have you ever heard of “karst”? Hydrogeologist Maureen Muldoon will provide an introduction to the hydrogeology of Wisconsin’s karst landscapes. Geologist Grace Graham will talk about the relationship between karst springs and wetlands.

Maureen Muldoon and Grace Graham, Wisconsin Geological & Natural History Survey

Recorded April 21, 2023

Some links referenced during the presentation:

Ground Water and Surface Water: A Single Resource

Maureen Muldoon started her career with the Wisconsin Geological & Natural History Survey (WGNHS) in 1987. In 1998 she moved to UW-Oshkosh for 21 years, where she was a professor of Geology. She has recently returned to the WGNHS, where she conducts research that focuses on applied groundwater questions throughout Wisconsin with a focus on hydrogeology of karst. Grace Graham is a geologist for WGNHS, where she does fieldwork, data management, and geographic information system (GIS) work for a variety of projects and research topics, balancing her between the field and the office.

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