Over the last few months, you’ve heard from us about bills AB 547/SB 600 that proposed to eliminate state permit protections for more than one million acres of “isolated,” non-federal wetlands. Wisconsin Wetlands Association, as a part of a large coalition of conservation partners, has been attempting since last fall to offer the bill’s authors alternatives to address permitting difficulties and delays.

Despite these efforts, late last week an amended version of AB 547 passed through the Assembly Committee on Regulatory Licensing Reform and placed hundreds of thousands of wetland acres at risk. Learn more about the specific impacts of this amendment in our statement to the press.

We need your help to protect wetlands and prevent the Assembly amendment to AB 547 from becoming law.

We urge you to find your representative in the Legislature and do the following:

  1. Call or email your state Representative and ask them to vote no on the amended version of AB 547 in the Assembly next week.

2. Call your state Senator and tell them that the Wisconsin Senate can and must do better than the Assembly at balancing development and wetlands conservation. Tell them that it’s possible to reduce red-tape, promote well-planned economic development, and protect our wetland resources and ask them to oppose any policy that does not achieve all three goals.

The bill will likely be considered soon by the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Energy. Check to see if your Senator sits on the committee.

As always, please help us spread the word, let us know how your legislators respond, and thank you for speaking up for wetlands.

For more information on the bills or Wisconsin Wetland Association’s efforts please contact Brian Vigue, Policy Liaison, brian.vigue@wisconsinwetlands.org or 608-250-9971.

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