Wetland Walks

While we isolate in our homes during the COVID-19 pandemic, nature’s cycles continue and so does our shared love of and interest in wetlands—the very characteristics that unite us as a community. We’re all going through this, so let’s help each other get through it together.

To help bring hope and positivity during this health crisis, Wisconsin Wetlands Association is offering special virtual wetland programming to our members, supporters, and the community at large. One of these offerings is Wetland Walks, videos of our staff and supporters safely enjoying wetlands near their homes while maintaining the important social distancing protocols.

Getting outside and enjoying the resource we’re still working hard to protect is good for our hearts, souls, and mental health. Our hope is that these videos will offer wetland lovers who need to stay inside a little peek into what’s happening in the wetlands around us, and bring the joy of wetlands in spring to people who may not be able to enjoy those sights and sounds in person.

We hope you enjoy these Wetland Walks below and on our Facebook and Twitter pages. If you take a wetland walk yourself, read this how-to guide and share it with us on social media—we’d love to see it!

Other wetland video series: