WOW did you share your love for wetlands this week during The Big Share! Thanks to your generosity, we raised more than $43,000 for wetlands—more than $10,000 over our goal—and solidly met Libby’s Challenge to raise $15,000 for wetlands.
Your generosity also helped us win an extra $1,000 prize during the Big Share’s 7-8 pm Power Hour! That’s an extra $1,000 for wetlands courtesy of Willy Street Co-op, the Power Hour sponsor.
And it didn’t stop there. With some late-night momentum thanks to our Power Hour donors, we exploded to the top of The Big Share leaderboard and took home the Madison Community Foundation Grand Prize for Most Raised: an additional extra $1,000 for wetlands.
With your support, we will continue working hard to protect and restore Wisconsin’s wetlands for cleaner water, safer communities, healthier watersheds, and abundant wildlife habitat.
Thank you for supporting wetlands and for making our best Big Share giving day for us yet—you’ve blown us away and you’ve made Libby proud!