The winds of change are blowing at gale force across our land. In times like these, decision-making is too often guided by politics, not good science. That’s why it’s important to raise our voice for wetlands. Through changing times, our message remains the same: healthy waters need healthy wetlands. Can you donate today to help keep our voice for wetlands strong?

Cub scouts clearing weed

Your gift helps WWA support people caring for wetlands like these Cub Scouts volunteering in Mequon to remove wetland invasive species.

Thank you for helping protect our wetlands and our waters. Over the decades, you and thousands of passionate wetland supporters like you have joined together, providing a unified voice for wetlands. Your consistent support through good times and bad times keeps our waters and communities strong, healthy, and vibrant. And there is no more important time than now to insist on science-based wetland protection in Wisconsin.

With your gift, you’re building partnerships among those protecting and restoring our wetlands. You’re helping get community members out in the mud, directly involved in wetland care.

Green heron in wetland

Protect the wetlands Wisconsin’s wildlife depend on with your gift

Together, we’ll increase our voice, insisting on science-based wetland protection in Wisconsin. We’ll continue to provide constructive, solution-oriented approaches to wetland protection in communities across our state. Together, we’ll turn the tide on wetland loss.

Help us care for Wisconsin’s wetlands with your gift. Thank you for your support!


Photos by James Anderson, Christine Bohn, and Jim Stewart