Join us for the Big Share! Hosted by Community Shares of Wisconsin, the Big Share is an online day of giving for nearly 70 nonprofits (including Wisconsin Wetlands Association) dedicated to building an equitable and just community and protecting our environment. 

Your gift made bigger

Your Big Share gift between now and March 5th, 2019 is made even bigger this year thanks to our match grant challenge. Thanks to Patagonia Chicago, your gift to the Big Share will be doubled, meaning double the protection for wetlands.

Give big for wetlands here.

Wetlands matter to Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s waters, wildlife, and people need healthy wetlands. Wetlands benefit local communities by preventing flooding and providing clean water. Wetlands provide habitat for birds, mammals, and fish. Wetlands are some of our most valuable ecosystems, but they’re also some of the most vulnerable.

We have lost half of our state’s wetlands. Many of the remaining wetlands are threatened by pollution, development, and invasive species.  Wisconsin needs wetland supporters like you now more than ever.

Watch our brand new video showcasing the beauty and importance of this natural resource:

You can protect wetlands with your gift

Support Wisconsin Wetlands Association and protect wetlands for the 2019 Big Share by going big for wetlands. This year, you can also celebrate our 50th anniversary of protecting wetlands by giving $50 for 50 years.

Wetlands give us so much: clean water in our lakes, habitat for Wisconsin’s valued wildlife, afternoons of exploration with our loved ones, and more. Now is your chance to give back to wetlands.