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Nedland , Thomas S
Occupation: Ecologist
Job Title: Wetland Ecologist
Professional Affiliation: Ecological Society of America, Society of Wetland Scientists, Wisconsin Wetlands Association
Address(es):1377 Midway Road
Menasha, WI 54952
Phone:(920) 733-8578
Email:tomn@martenson- eisele.com

Expert Information

Years of Wetland Experience
Professional Category
Private Consulting Firm
Type of Wetland Work
Research, Consulting/Contracting: Design & Planning, Consulting/Contracting: On-the-Ground & Installation, Education/Outreach, Monitoring
County/Counties of Wetlands Work
- All WI Counties -
Geographic Range of Wetland Work
- Statewide in WI -
Primary Expertise
Wetland Monitoring, Wetland Mitigation, Wetland Delineation
Other Expertise
Wildlife/Waterfowl, Wetlands and Agriculture, Wetland Vegetation, Wetland Restoration, Wetland Management, Watershed Management, Threatened/Endangered Species, Soils, Invasive/Exotic Species, Hydrology, Education/Outreach
Certifications And Professional Registrations
Details of Expertise
Intro: Mr. Nedland has 3.5 years experience in the ecological field, with an emphasis in wetland ecology. This experience has allowed him to work on several wetland related projects, including wetland delineation, restoration, permitting, and mitigation. In addition to his wetland related work, Mr. Nedland has helped conduct large scale lake studies, written wildlife management plans, and performed various flora and fauna surveys. The experience and knowledge gained by Mr. Nedland has given him a good rapport with local WDNR and USACE personnel. Some of the more interesting jobs he has worked on are listed below under Relevant Projects. Education: BS. 1999, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point, Wildlife Management. MS. 2005, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay, Environmental Science and Policy – Ecosystem Management. Thesis: A Re-examination of Restored Wetlands in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. Experience Martenson & Eisele, Inc. Wetland Ecologist. August 2006 – present •Wetland Delineations/Permitting •Wetland Mitigation •Functional Values Assessments •OHW Determinations •Navigability Determinations •Flora and Fauna Surveys NES Ecological Services – a Division of Robert E Lee & Associates. Wetland Ecologist. March 2002 – August 2006. •Conduct Wetland Delineations/Permitting •Wetland Mitigation •Functional Values Assessments •Flora and Fauna Surveys •Lake Sampling •Stream Gaging •Groundwater Monitoring •Land Surveying/GPS •GIS Professional Affiliations: Society of Wetland Scientists Wisconsin Wetlands Association Ecological Society of America Presentations: Nedland, Thomas S. “A re-examination of restored wetland plant communities in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin”. Wisconsin Wetlands Association’s 11th Annual Wetland Science Forum. February 3, 2006. Relevant Projects: Proposed Railroad Corridor – Marathon County, WI Wetlands were delineated to help identify the most practical railroad layout for a proposed railroad spur located in Marathon County, Wisconsin. This project required working cooperatively with both a railroad engineer as well as a civil/land surveying firm. Bald Eagle and Osprey Management Plans – Several Locations in Northern Wisconsin As part of the process required by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), bald eagle/osprey management plans were developed for several dam operating entities using guidelines helped to protect and enhance current bald eagle/osprey populations. Threatened and Endangered Species Management Plan – Grandmother Falls, Northern WI As part of the process required by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), a threatened and endangered species management plan was developed for a dam operator in Northern Wisconsin. Species covered under the management plan included bald eagle, osprey, timber wolf, and wood turtle. Amphibian Survey – Brown County, WI An amphibian survey was conducted for a client to help determine the functionality of several small ephemeral wetlands located in an approximate 60 acre woodlot in Brown County, WI. Results of the survey were used to determine which wetlands had the highest functional values, which in turn helped guide the planning process for future development of the site. Wetland Mitigation – Brown County, WI The preparation of a wetland mitigation plan was completed for a client in Brown County, Wisconsin. Duties included site evaluation, wetland design, and development of a monitoring plan. Powerline Easement Corridor Delineations – Throughout eastern and central Wisconsin Wetland delineations were conducted within existing and proposed powerline easements. These delineations were conducted to document wetland impacts that would occur due to power pole placement and power pole repair. Aquatic Plant Surveys – Throughout Wisconsin Helped conduct aquatic plant surveys on several lakes throughout Wisconsin. Data collected during these surveys was used to develop Comprehensive Lake Management Plans for various Lake Associations. Groundwater Monitoring – Brown County, WI Shallow monitoring wells were used to determine whether the wetland hydrology parameter was present at various sites, including wetland restorations and areas that had undergone hydrologic alteration. Data collected at these sites was used to fulfill agency requirements or to validate wetland delineations. Proposed Quarry Expansion – Marathon County, WI Wetlands were delineated to assist in the planning process for a proposed quarry expansion. Results of the delineation were used to plan the future layout of the quarry, and to obtain necessary permits.